Useful Sports Information

Late Fee Policy

  • Beginning February 1, 2010, if you sign up after we have drafted teams then you will have to pay the registration fee doubled.  Teams are drafted one week after the deadline date.  The $10 late fee still applies during the week between the deadline and the draft.

Playing Conditions for Games

  • GCRC Hotline- 356-5014, call to see about cancelled games!
  • If you have questions about whether or not a GAME is to be played or rescheduled please check the scroll at the top of the main page of our website at or call 356-4233 after 4:30pm weekdays. Practices being cancelled are up to the coach.
  • Please check the website first before calling and tying up our lines. I will try to email all coaches if games have been cancelled.
    • If your game has been canceled due to weather please stop by the Activity Center or check the Website 24 hours after the cancellation. Weekend games will be Rescheduled on the following Monday after 1pm. Rescheduling information will be updated on the bulletin board located in the entrance of the Activity Center.
  • *Games cancelled because of inclement weather (severe weather, ice, etc.) will be rescheduled one time. If school is cancelled for the day, there will be no practices or games.










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